The Story Behind: The Nicholas


The Renaissance collection, our inaugural set of ties, is a nod to the Harlem Renaissance Movement of the 20th Century. Each tie is named for its most influential archetypes. The Nicholas is inspired by African-American dance and choreography masters, Fayard and Harold Nicholas. The self-taught world-famous tap dancers performed for a time span of seventy years. Originally from North Carolina and the sons of college-educated parents, the two grew up in Philadelphia and moved to New York where they became a featured act at Harlem’s Cotton Club at the young ages of 11 and 18. The pair traveled the world, entertaining international audiences with their gravity defying acrobatic moves and tap dancing. Starring in numerous films, Broadway shows and at theaters, The Nicholas Brothers are perhaps the most celebrated tap duo of all time. They are especially known for their “leap frog” move that was featured in the 1943 Stormy Weather. They would go on to teach master tap classes at Harvard University as the Ruth Page Visiting Artists and would mentor Michael Jackson, Debbie Allen and Janet Jackson.

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